18 Oct 2015

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My friend Karoli wrote an excellent article on all this fooflah. She has more reach than I do, so hopefully this information will eventually work its way around to the original publications.

There's enough BS about the Clinton emails without additional false associations.

Because we're all damn tired of hearing about the Clinton emails.

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Confirmed. The documents were issued by the State Department in 2014, in response to a FOIA request by The Telegraph's Philip Sherwell. They have absolutely nothing to do with Clinton, and were not on Clinton's email server.


31 Aug 2013

Another great resource for finding court documents related to interesting and/or important court cases is the Courthouse News Service. Thanks to it, I discovered two separate court decisions about fee waivers for PACER and FOIA requests. I'll talk about the FOIA case in this writing, and cover the PACER decision in a follow up.

In the first decision, Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled that a non-profit organization was not eligible for a fee waiver for a FOIA request, because, bluntly, it wasn't popular enough. Or, to be more exact, the plaintiff, Cause of Action, couldn't demonstrate a capability of disseminating the acquired information to enough people to justify the government absorbing the expense of meeting the FOIA request.

In the decision, Judge Sullivan wrote:

16 Aug 2013

Kevin Poulsen of Wired has released the first 100 pages of documents related to the investigation about Aaron Swartz. These are the first of the documents released to him by the government. You can also download the PDF for the release directly. Note, it's a big file.

The court case is still ongoing, as Poulsen notes. I have new filings for it, and will post a docket sometime in the next week or so. I'm behind on my docket postings.

I really appreciate Poulsen making these documents easily available. Not every reporter is good about this.

16 Aug 2013

I discovered an amazingly rich site for information related to FOIA appeals and lawsuits: The FOIA Project.

From the site's About page:

The goal of is to provide the public with timely and complete information about every instance in which the federal government grants or withholds records under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Updated daily, this “FOIA accountability engine” now includes detailed information on every case that challenges government withholding in federal court. And we have started expanding coverage to decisions on FOIA administrative requests on an agency-by-agency basis.

8 Aug 2013

A quick update on the Aaron Swartz FOIA request.

There have been several court filings related to Wired magazine Poulson's FOIA case, regarding the investigative material for the court case against Aaron Swartz. Poulson walks the talk on transparency, and provides links to all of the documents. I'm also preparing a docket sheet with links to the court documents. (Duplication aids transparency.)

One of the documents is a status report (PDF) filed by the Secret Service. In it, we see the state of FOIA requests within this agency. It gives us a good idea of how overwhelmed government agencies are with FOIA requests—especially after Sequestor cuts. The problem of overwhelmed FOIA resources is compounded by the fact that non-profits and other organizations will sue an agency if a FOIA request isn't met within the 20 days.


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