18 Oct 2015

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My friend Karoli wrote an excellent article on all this fooflah. She has more reach than I do, so hopefully this information will eventually work its way around to the original publications.

There's enough BS about the Clinton emails without additional false associations.

Because we're all damn tired of hearing about the Clinton emails.

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Confirmed. The documents were issued by the State Department in 2014, in response to a FOIA request by The Telegraph's Philip Sherwell. They have absolutely nothing to do with Clinton, and were not on Clinton's email server.


21 Jun 2014

I follow several legal cases, most related to animal welfare, climate, the environment, or agriculture and food. Like others, I have a PACER account, which gives me access to most court documents at the federal level, but at a price. I'm not overfond of the cost, as I've noted in the past, but I am, at least, grateful for such simple access to the documents.

I also re-publish the documents for access by all, and that includes discovery material and and evidence exposed during a trial. If it's posted by PACER, it's public domain. When I pay for PACER I'm paying for access to the system, not the documents. So far, no cease and desist letters, knock on wood.

10 Oct 2013

Several publications, including the New York Times are covering an important new paper on climate change in the future. In the paper, the authors predict that starting in 2047, the coldest years on record, will now exceed the warmest years on record we have now.

It's an important paper, and one that presents a fresh outlook. Unfortunately, it's also a paper that's stuck behind a paywall, and therefore unavailable to the majority of people.

3 Oct 2013

The company Lavabit shut down rather than give the government encryption keys that would expose all private communication related to its email server. This is the same server used by Edward Snowden.

The Lavabit founder, Ladar Levinson, was finally able to get the court documents related to this action unsealed, and they were posted yesterday. I was fairly sure that Kevin Poulsen of Wired's Threat Level would post an actual copy, rather than just discuss them, and I was correct.

I'm also posting a copy in the interest of dissemination. I recommend, though, that you read Poulsen's overview of the case.

22 Sep 2013

I created a page listing the court cases I'm following and that have an associated docket sheet and downloadable documents. I expect to update this list frequently.

I need to work on a better approach for managing docket sheets and documents. For instance, my documents are named after the docket number, but the files don't reflect the case number and court, as they're named in RECAP. However, a couple of my cases have over 600 documents, so I wouldn't expect any big changes any time soon. Again, I believe that the best way of ensuring the documents are accessible is to utilize search engine functionality. A properly named link to the docket page does wonders.


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