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18 Aug 2011

Two posts today over at Puppies at Burningbird.

The first has to do with the Debe Bell rabbit seizure. The Tea Party pundits had a field day with the "illegal" seizure and rants about property rights...until the Sheriff's office released photos taken of the Bell rabbits when they were seized. Unlike an O'Keefe video, these photos weren't "artistically edited", and demonstrate the horrid conditions under which these rabbits lived.

The second has to do with Attorney General Koster's new Anti-cruelty site, which is anything but anti-cruelty. I don't know what's happening in the administration of Jay Nixon. I don't know if Jon Hagler, Director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture, and Koster have had a falling out.

10 Aug 2011

Puppies...bunnies.... No animal should be treated cruelly in mills, roadside zoos, or the other places where greedy people prosper from animal suffering. I've extended the scope of this site to cover other types of animals, as well as other types of places that the USDA monitors, such as the deplorable roadside zoos found in too many states. My primary interest is still in closing down puppy mills in Missouri, but all these critters need all the champions they can get.

More at Puppies at Burningbird.

Another bunny mill story, but this time in Colorado. One angora pulled from a cage in the 85+ degree building was so covered in matted fur that you could barely see its face. As the sheriff stated, not only were the rabbits thirsty, they were "aggressively thirsty".

9 Aug 2011

From Puppies at Burningbird:

Wendy Laymon has a shameful history of animal neglect as a commercial breeder, including being fined by the USDA and losing her USDA license. Chat in the community has it that she started up the Rescue a French Bulldog, not to save poor homeless french bull dogs but to muddy the water for genuine rescues—not to mention siphoning off donations from the less informed, as well as being a way to get rid of frenchies that haven't sold through her commercial breeding operation.

30 Jun 2011

It is not difficult to make a digital copy of an inspection report. Most modern printers that make copies now have the ability to scan the copies into a PDF just as quickly as you can make the paper copy.

There is no reason for any agency, Missourian or otherwise, to not have digital copies of all their records. Not only does this decrease the need for paper, but it also ensures reasonable access of the records, as well as backup in case of fire, flood, and other disaster.

I have no idea what kind of information system the Department of Agriculture in Missouri has in place. I do know that, considering the interest people have in inspection records, the organization could more effectively deal with requests if it just provided the information via a simple to use online system. The USDA caught on to the advantages of such a system a few years back, which is why we can access so much USDA information online.

27 Apr 2011

The bill we fought so hard for, Proposition B, was killed today. It was killed by the state legislature, and it was killed by Governor Nixon. It had the honor of dying in a bi-partisan fashion, killed by Democrat and Republican alike.

I have found there is one thing that can bring both parties together: the vote of the people. All we have to do is enact direct democracy at the national level, and politicos from both parties will bond tightly, in a mutual shared horror of "we the people".


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