Stupid State Tricks

18 Dec 2014

map of Mike Brown shooting location with apartments highlighted


I discovered these were 2014 bills, not 2015 bills. Sigh. My bad. However, the issue of bias based on economic status stands.


I accidentally stumbled on to a new landlord/tenant bill introduced into the current Missouri legislation session. It's HB 1982. Among other things, it would actually criminalize non-payment of rent. Yes, if you're thinking "debtor prison" you got it in one.

11 Sep 2013

photo of Eades bridge and St. Louis Arch in black and whiteupdate

Evidently the pod people arrived today, stealing legislator bodies, because both the gun nullification and tax cut bills did not survive a veto override attempt. A half dozen bills did survive including a silly law created specifically for one powerful corporation, Doe Run.


Today is what's known as Missouri Veto Day. This is the day when Missourians learn whether our state resumes a normal life or continues being fodder for much head shaking and laughter.

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