30 Jan 2011

One of the still open issues with HTML5 is the lack of a verbose descriptor for an image, since the longdesc attribute was made obsolete.

The longdesc attribute used to take a URL to a separate page or page fragment that contained a long text description for a complex or highly nuanced image. Typically, the only ones made aware of the attribute were screen reader users, though some browsers, such as Opera, provided access to the long description via the the right mouse button menu.

However, longdesc was made obsolete because, supposedly, there was no justification for its continued existence.

There is no better justification for a verbose descriptor/longdesc, though, than political cartoons, as I demonstrate over at Puppies @ Burningbird.

2 Sep 2010

Well, this is a kicker.

Since I encouraged a person to file a bug on HTML5, when the editor refused to make the fix, I pushed to have the item made into an issue. It wouldn't be fair for me to do so and not provide a change proposal. However, I was informed that I needed to rejoin the group, in order to file a change proposal.

This is something I don't want to do. I don't like working with the HTML WG. I don't feel comfortable in the group. However, there is no way a person from outside the group, who files a bug that becomes an issue, can walk that item through the issue process unless they are a member. Our alternative is to bypass the issue process altogether and file a Formal Objection, which is a heck of a lot more draconian.

2 Sep 2010

I am not a subtle person. I tend to be blunt, can be confrontational, and am not always easy to be around. I realize this sometimes costs me jobs, readers, and on rare occasion, a friend. I accept the consequence— even the painful ones.

I've been told I'm prickly, bitchy, shrill, hysterical, and otherwise evil from tech people. Some guys seem to have no problem with who I am; others, though, dislike me, and on occasion, hate or despise me. Even some women will feel uncomfortable around me. I'm too blunt, too confrontation, too aggressive. Let's face it, I'm not the most nurturing woman in technology. Frankly, I don't aspire to be.

Where this is going...

I have joined, and quit, the W3C HTML5 Working Group twice. Both times I joined only reluctantly.


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