Australia Day

I had a lot of fun with this today. The color scheme (Australian flag colors), the Australian terms (try and find a posting with over 20 and 25 comments attached to see all of them), but most importantly, introducing you, my weblog reader, to the Australian Delegation.

As I introduced my friends from Australia, I realized that if for no other reason, I weblog because of the people I meet. They increase my reach, they enrich my life, and they expand my horizens.

And they now owe me a case of Tim Tams!

G’day mate.


And introducing a new Australian weblog

I think an appropriate end to Australia Day is to introduce you to a new Australian weblog, Marius Discovering Photography — a photoblog (photography weblog).

Welcome Marius! I especially liked the parachute photo and pic of your Dad. Your dog’s cute, but you need a cat photo.

Note that I’ve started a pool to see when Marius loses his photography theme and starts meta-blogging like the rest of us 😉

(Thanks to Jonathon for intro)