Semantics Web

What’s it all about, Alfie?

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

A discussion about the Semantic Web is taking place at Bloggers Unlimited. My hope is that this conversation brings together the techies and the non-techies, and it seems like it is. At least a little bit.

More voices would be welcome — all views are welcome. This is a friendly thread. Honest.

As for my part, I’m talking at the discussion thread, and I’m continuing the RDF Poetry Finder essays. We’ll see how it goes.


Mockingbird takes voice

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I need to get my head out of semantics and look at the real stuff that’s going down around: Aquarionics is recording my parable, Mockingbird’s Wish for me, though he’s having troubles with the sound effects. Not surprising that — this story is ‘sound intensive’.

asked if he would do it after hearing his marvelous reading of David Salo’s Cave Linguistica, and he was kind enough to give it a try,.

He’ll post the recording as soon as he’s done an edit, though the unedited version sounds like considerable fun, too.

A very cool thing to do.