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Experiences on not having a driver’s license

My brother Michael is 2 years older than me. As lovely as he is now, he was a Demon Child when he was young. Pure evil. Bright, intelligent, resourceful, and determined to cut a swath of destruction around him.

Among some of his earliest acts of mayhem were several related to his decision, at age 3, that it was long past time for him to drive.

Adventure 1: Mother takes brother and me into town to get a few things at the store. She knows better than to bring us into the store with her and leaves us in car (in this town, believe me, it was safe). My brother figures out how to release the emergency brake. Two parked cars and a tree later, we finally came to a stop.

Adventure 2: My father, a Washington State Highway Patrolman, is driving I and my brother home in his patrol car. Michael wanted to drive. Now! Luckily the ditch wasn’t too deep and Dad wasn’t driving too fast.

Adventure 3: Poor father again. Mother is away to the Big City for the day. Father gets a call — bad accident on the mountain. There’s no one to take brother and me so he has to take us to the accident scene. He leaves us in the car with strong descriptions of what will happen to brother if he touches anything in the car. However, Child Demon doesn’t speak English. And the patrol car has a tempting, shiny brake release lever.

This is a mountain. This is a rolling car going down a mountain. See car roll. Roll, car. Roll. See the river at the bottom of this mountain. Go car, go!

Splish splash we were taking a bath, long about about a Saturday night…
No, no. It’s okay. We hit a tree just before going into the river.

One year. Three cars. One demon child. And one cute little helpless baby (Me) along for the ride…


Doc Searls on OS X

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Doc Searls:

OS X must be a hit, because there’s a sudden backlash against it. Today Dan pointed to a couple pieces — one by Henry Norr in the Chronicle and the other by Andrew Orlowski in the Register — that both bitch-slap the UI pretty damn hard.

That’s going to keep me chuckling all day.

P.S. You tell em Doc. I think OS X is one of the most innovative products to roll down any software ramp in a long time. I wasn’t a Mac user until OS X (well, the Titanium PB helped — that sexy little thing).

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Old Sci-Fi

Watching movies tonight as a way to stay awake while I work. I have a deadline Monday and I can’t miss it. Then two others follow closely behind it. Looks like I need to spend less time weblogging, more time on the books. Not to mention I have a ton of corporate tax filings I need to make for year end.

Blub. Blub. Help me! Help me! I’m going down for the third time…ack…gurgle.

Quick break: I bought War of the Worlds on DVD. Yes, my secret vice is that I love old time sci-fi flicks, cheesy special effects and all. War of the World, When Worlds Collide, Them, The Thing, The Day the Earth Stood Still — what’s not to like/love? Even old Plan 9 from Outerspace has a camp quality because it’s so bad (not as bad as the War Bus, but bad).

War of the Worlds had incredible special effects for the time — and it made the transition to DVD nicely. Both movie color and sound were improved.

Remember the old sci-fi flicks? They usually had to add something about religion in order to keep the religious fanatics from boycotting them. When Worlds Collide had a nod to the religious at the end, and War of the Worlds absolutely dripped religion. Folks today can learn from this — the hicks wouldn’t burn Harry Potter books if Rowling just had Harry go to church on Sundays.

(We who are all in the wrong must bow and defer to those few who just know they are in the right.)

When are they going to make Them and The Thing on DVD? I know they’re B & W, but can you imagine the ant call on Dolby?