Giving Radio 8.0 to members of Congress

File this under one of the best ideas I’ve heard in a long time: Michael Webb suggests that Userland give copies of Radio 8.0 to all members of Congress, as a tool to communicate with their constituants daily.

I’d like to add one additional idea: that the congressional members also spend one hour a day reading weblogs of people who live in their communities, and one hour less listening to lobbyists.

Now that’s two-way web!


Applied at Google

I took Jonathon’s advice and put in an application at Google. Not sure about my chances, though.

Of course, I don’t have a PhD. And I don’t have a Masters, either. Does a BA in Psychology and a BS in Computer Science count? And I write books. That has to count for something. They don’t always sell as well as I like, but neither does most dot com businesses.

And I haven’t worked in a research position since I left Boeing several years ago, but have worked on major systems for a host of organizations such as Nike, Intel, Harvard, and Stanford — that sounds impressive, doesn’t it? So what if you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an out of work research PhD within the SiliValley area.

Hire me! I helped spread the meme of Google Instant Messaging! I am Orange!

Think it will work?


Dvorak is a walking dip stick

For years I’ve thought that Dvorak was a smug, condescending, pompous asshole with too high an opinion of his own worth. Boy, I’m sure glad all those years weren’t wasted! The man is still a walking dip stick.

Mighty mouth pontificates on why we weblog. Let’s see now, I’m a professional writer, so the wanna-be-writer isn’t me. Perhaps it’s ego gratification, or maybe it’s the elimination of frustration.

Sharing? That’s a good possibility. However, why not try just plain old fun. It’s fun to talk to the threaded void and have it talk back. Fun fun fun fun fun!

Excuse me — I have to go do some heavy self-indulgence and blatant exhibitionism now.