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Browser, Browser Not

Originally published at O’Reilly Recently, O’Reilly published a set of articles (Netscape Navigator 6.0 to Fail Standards Compliance, An Update, and Netscape 6.0 Released), written by the popular author David Flanagan, about the release of Netscape 6.0, Netscape’s newest entry in the browser marketplace. David presented several valid concerns about bugs still present in the release of Netscape […]


Digital Play Dough: Designing Applications with XUL

Originally published in Web Techniques The XML-Based User Interface Language (XUL) made its first appearance with the release of Mozilla, the Open Source browser used as the foundation for Netscape 6. Pronounced “zool,” the language gives developers and designers an easy way to describe the design and layout of application windows in Web browsers. By […]


The Tyranny of Standards

Originally published at O’Reilly Before proceeding into the core of this article, I want to say one thing to you: challenge your assumptions. Challenge your assumption that all Internet services are provided by a Web server and consumed by a browser Challenge your assumption that chaos within a development environment is a bad thing. And […]