Crooks and Liars Writings for the Week

I have been busy at Crooks and Liars. Not surprising considering the week’s news.

I posted the first in a series of articles on what Trump can and cannot do as President. I’ll continue these until the Inauguration.

Putting Obstacles in King Trump’s Path

What we have to face, head on, is there is nothing that King Trump will do that will be good for us. There is nothing that he’s promised that will be good for the American people today, or in the future. None of his agenda items will be good for the world.

Rather than help Trump, we need to prepare to place obstacles in his path every step of the way. Because every step he takes, causes permanent harm. Let me repeat this: every step Trump takes, will cause permanent harm.

Paul Ryan Flirts With Privatizing Medicare

What is more likely to happen is that Republicans will use the ACA repeal as an excuse to begin manipulating Medicare in an effort to begin a push to privatize the program. This is what we have to be wary of, because the change could be packaged in an obscure or innocent sounding provision that flies under the radar. Once that door is opened…well, it won’t be good.

The New York Times is Charmed by Trump’s Teleprompter Skills

Sommer does mention a more likely scenario for a calming market: that many businesses like the idea of a Republican trifecta, where regulations are tossed aside like potato peelings, and profit is the deciding factor on what lives and dies.

The odd thing about regulations, though. When you remove one to aid one industry, other industries suffer.

Can Trump Abolish the EPA

First in the “What can Trump do?” posts. Be forewarned, these pieces are wonkish. Civics 101 stuff.

When Trump takes office in January, he will not have the authority to reorganize the Executive Branch. Even if he did, he would not have the authority to eliminate a regulatory agency or department.

China Flexes Its Trade Muscles Via IPhone

“Don’t be naive”, the newspaper stated. That’s just it: we elected a man with no experience, no knowledge of how trade works, little understanding of government, and even less understanding of global politics. Worse, we elected a man who listens to no one, relishes ignorance, and seems to think he can bluff his way through every situation.

Being naive is one of his better traits.

Political Zombies: Clinton Emails

Judicial Watch isn’t the only entity that has its fingers frozen in a rigid grasp on the same tedious pursuit. According to The Hill five House Committees are continuing their investigation of the emails. Probably for the same reason—desperately attempting to hold on to some relevancy in a world none of them predicted: where Trump would win the Presidency.

We are witnessing the death throes for the Clinton email investigations, to the chagrin of those who would use them for their own purposes.

Is Trump Angling For Jared Kushner to be Shadow President?


We already suspect that Trump never expected to get elected. Now we have to wonder if he’s just not capable of leading, and must bring in a ringer: Kushner. After all, Kushner already seems to have an inordinate influence in the Trump transition team.

Rather than elect a President Donald Trump, did we really elect a President Jared Kushner? Or is Kushner there primarily as a conduit of information for the Trump business empire?


Going Forward

moon and trees

I was hit by a semi-truck on Tuesday, just before I was run over by a freight train. An elephant ended up sitting on my chest.

No, no, I got it wrong. Donald Trump was elected. That’s what happened.

I am still dealing with the worst election of my life. I have “good” Trump days, where I’m full of fight—ready to take on Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress.  And I have “bad” Trump days, where I just sit. That’s it, I just sit.

I’m doing some changing about with my websites and where I’ll be posting my writing. Most of my current political and social news pieces will be published at Crooks and Liars, where I join a hearty band of shell-shocked but determined fellow believers in the light.  Longer works and those not necessarily related to current news are going to my new Medium site (and possibly to Crooks and Liars if they want those, too). I’ll post links to the stories here, but not the full writing.

Burningbird is returning to technology. I need to spend time with my roots. I want to explore some of the new and improved W3C specifications. I need to catch up on the frequently updated Node and JavaScript worlds.

I want to write about something that doesn’t give me nightmares.

Since three sites are enough, I’m yanking my Internet of Things stuff over from Hack Your Home. Remind me to tell you what I really think of Google’s OnHub and what it can do with its mesh.