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Burningbird and its earlier incarnations (YASD, Dynamic Earth, etc.) have been online since 1996. The site features writings about politics, the environment, agriculture, government, open document systems, data, and technology.

I no longer maintain a static copy of all my past websites, since the Internet Archive does such a splendid job at the Wayback Machine. Instead, I give the Internet Archive an annual donation and strongly recommend you do so, also.

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YASD (only years 1996 through 2004) 

Puppies at Burningbird

Practical RDF and one of my more favorite semantic web writings, Cheap Eats at the Semantic Web Cafe

Dynamic Earth (only years 1998 through 2004)

P2P Smoke (up through 2004)

Burningbird RealTech


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I now maintain only two domains: Burningbird, and Shelley’s Toy Box , which is All tech, all the time

Simple. Technology at Shelley’s Toy Box, everything else here.

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Writer. Plain.