Social Media

Facebook, You’re Stupid

I received my second Facebook jail term this weekend. Why? Because I told the person who wrote the comment that leads this article that I’ve reported their comment for spreading misinformation. Then I committed the crime: I said the comment was stupid. For my crime I’m in Facebook jail, while the misinforming comment remains. What’s […]

Voting Rights

The Next Tea Party: Water Bottles at 25 Feet

Giving someone a bottle of water when they’re in line to vote won’t change votes. What will change votes is making this simple act of kindness into a crime.

Nature Photography

It Snowed Little Yellow Flowers

During the night when it rained and the wind blew, it snowed bright yellow pollen and little yellow flowers.

JavaScript Technology Writing

My Last O’Reilly Book

I sometimes miss the simpler days when an alert was your JavaScript best friend.

Unsent Letters to the Editor

Biden’s Immigration Plan and ICE FUD

I just finished reading another poorly done conservative piece in the Savannah Morning News; this one full of hearsay and innuendo. It was published at the same time as another piece that formed the point of this particular point/counter-point.   Both writings are supposedly about Biden’s immigration plan, but only the positive one really discusses […]