Weblogs: More than Words

Two friends have stopped by to say hi since I turned comments back on. Bill mentions the Radio Userland days,which puts us back in very ancient weblogging territory. So ancient that today’s TikTok kids weren’t even born when we got together in Userland pages. I also used to have a Userland Manila weblog, but those […]

Burningbird Sites Writing

The Old is…still old but at least it’s back

The second part of my Burningbird server re-awakening from the dead is my effort to find any and all past writings and import them into this weblog, one at a time. I’ve had so many variations of weblogs: some at domains I’ve controlled, others at domains I haven’t. I was able to export the posts […]

Burningbird Sites Technology

Moving servers

It’s been five years. It must be time to move web servers again.

Global Political

Putin: Russia’s Trump

Whatever we want to say about Putin from this moment forward, let’s all agree to no longer use the word ‘shrewd’ to describe him. Because his invasion of Ukraine was anything but shrewd.

Animal Welfare

Feld Entertainment Circus Elephants Finally Find a Home

The Feld Entertainment/Ringling Brothers elephants I had written about in the past have finally found a good and loving home in a sanctuary in northern Florida.