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Burningbird and it’s earlier incarnations (YASD, Dynamic Earth, etc.) has been online since 1996. The site features writings about politics, the environment, agriculture, government, open document systems, data, and technology.

I no longer maintain a static copy of all my past websites, since the Internet Archive does such a splendid job at the Wayback Machine. Instead, I give the Internet Archive an annual donation and strongly recommend you do so, also.

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About the Author

Writer. Plain.

I was a software engineer for 25 years, though I have a degree in psychology as well as computer science. I was pre-law before switching to computers, hence my interest in legal cases. I worked for organizations as diverse as Boeing, Nike, Intel, John Hancock, Weyerhauser, Sierra Geophysics, and Multnomah County in Oregon.

Now, I’m a writer. I’m interested in a variety of subjects—the environment and climate, animal welfare, sustainable agriculture and food safety, open documents, politics and the government, and, of course, technology.

In 2016 I finished a small book about web technologies for the absolute newbie and the second edition of “JavaScript Cookbook”. Since woman doesn’t live by tech, alone, I’m also working on a book about the innards of the US federal government.

My Twitter account is @shelleypowers and my Facebook page is at Shelley.Just.

Or you can just Email me.

Shelley Powers

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