17 Sep 2013

Running horseupdate

Looking through the Decision Document, given as an attachment to the court filing mentioned earlier, I found that the wastewater treatment plant that the USDA based its environmental review on is located in Gallatin, Tennessee, not Gallatin, Missouri.



Last Friday, the USDA filed a motion in the Front Range Equine Rescue et al v. Vilsack et al federal lawsuit to add Rains Natural Meats from Gallatin, Missouri, to the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). The reason given is that Rains has now met the guidelines for being given a inspection permit, and is demanding the presence of inspectors at the plant by Monday, Sept. 23.

From the court document:

3 Sep 2013

horsesToday, Judge Armijo will hold a status conference with all the lawyers in the Front Range Equine Rescue et al v. Vilsack et al court case.

The USDA and defendant interveners have asked for an expedited hearing on the merits of the case, rather than go through the preliminary injunction process. The plaintiffs have agreed, but have also asked the Judge to modify her Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) so that it's impacting on the USDA only, and not the two meat processing plants who have been given a horse slaughter inspection permit. The groups have also asked for a bond reduction, as the bond amount is excessive for a NEPA action.

29 Aug 2013

Single horse on hillIf we separate the moral argument about eating companion animals and instead focus on the safety of horse meat, the end result remains the same: starting up the horse meat industry in the United States is not a good idea. To get a good understanding why, we need to take a closer look at what's happening with the horse meat industry where the meat is currently allowed: The European Union (EU).

The EU has had procedures in place to ensure healthy horse meat for years, yet stories this year about horse meat incorporated into beef products, and horse meat testing positive for drug residue have surfaced repeatedly.

14 Mar 2012

Yes, some folks wanted to build a horse slaughterhouse here in Missouri.

Let's just say, folks here didn't take kindly to the idea.

The last horse slaughterhouses in the US closed several years ago, when the funding for horse slaugherhouse inspections was yanked from the USDA. Thanks to three Congressional representatives tacking an amendment on to a budget bill, the USDA funding for house slaughterhouses has been added back. Thing is, they didn't provide any money to do the inspections. Our Congress, not at work.

For an insider look at what it means to have one of these plants in your community, check out Texas Mayor Paula Bacon Kicks some Horse Slaughter Tail. Note that there's ongoing efforts to build a plant in Missouri, Tennessee, Oregon, and Washington.

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