12 Dec 2015

I'm migrating this site from Drupal to Wordpress. Wordpress makes more sense for my needs. And it's not as complicated to make a static archive of a Drupal site as it used to be.

There, I said it. I'm moving from Drupal to Wordpress. It used to be when we made these pronouncements in the past, there'd be great debate about the political implications of choosing one CMS over another. Now, saying we're moving from one CMS to another is right up there with, "I'm switching from mint flavored toothpaste to bubblegum."

18 Aug 2011

Two posts today over at Puppies at Burningbird.

The first has to do with the Debe Bell rabbit seizure. The Tea Party pundits had a field day with the "illegal" seizure and rants about property rights...until the Sheriff's office released photos taken of the Bell rabbits when they were seized. Unlike an O'Keefe video, these photos weren't "artistically edited", and demonstrate the horrid conditions under which these rabbits lived.

The second has to do with Attorney General Koster's new Anti-cruelty site, which is anything but anti-cruelty. I don't know what's happening in the administration of Jay Nixon. I don't know if Jon Hagler, Director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture, and Koster have had a falling out.

27 Apr 2011

The bill we fought so hard for, Proposition B, was killed today. It was killed by the state legislature, and it was killed by Governor Nixon. It had the honor of dying in a bi-partisan fashion, killed by Democrat and Republican alike.

I have found there is one thing that can bring both parties together: the vote of the people. All we have to do is enact direct democracy at the national level, and politicos from both parties will bond tightly, in a mutual shared horror of "we the people".

8 Mar 2011

Just a short note.

I listened to all of the debate on SB 113, which guts Proposition B. The debate was pretty bad, and I'm incredibly disappointed that none of the pro Prop B senators took a stronger stance. More disappointed that the bill was perfected, as is.

However, this is just the first vote to formalize the language. There's still a final vote.

What bothered me the most is that I knew how much Prop B and SB 113 were misrepresented, and I couldn't do a thing about it. I doubt I'll be able to listen to the House debate, not after this.

This is cowardly, but I wish I had never read the breeder inspection reports. I know what the dogs' lives will be like if Proposition B is repealed, and this knowledge is just tearing me up.

Sometimes ignorance is bliss—especially in Missouri where small minded men seek to keep this state hidden in shadows, facing backwards rather to the future, and buried in dog crap.


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