26 Dec 2014

Cleaning up after the bird

Very interesting piece by Sam Bibble at Gawker on Justine Sacco. Sacco was the PR person who tweeted a bit of satire that blew up in her face, and almost destroyed her career.

The problem with Twitter is every post lacks context. You don't know the person to know if they're joking. You haven't seen the build-up to know if the post is ironic, satirical, or a true belief. And it's so damn easy to retweet the actions and reactions, and to get caught up in the rush to condemn. That's the bad, the very horrid part of Twitter.

9 Oct 2014

old photo of posse

I was disappointed to see Kathy Sierra leave Twitter, but respect her decision to do so. I read her writing about why she left, but I also dug through past Twitter postings with the individual she references, Rob Graham. Twitter is not the best of places for thoughtful discussion when parties agree, but it is especially bad when two people have views that are diametrically opposed.

21 Sep 2010

As many people are discovering, Twitter has been compromised, and badly.

It would seem, from what I can piece together from the web sites discussing the problem, the new Twitter interface doesn't bother to do a little thing called escaping the input so that JavaScript can't be inserted into Twitter messages. Messages have then been posted that capture the MouseOver event on links and play havoc with the page (if not re-directing you to porn sites).

21 Oct 2009

I rejoined the HTML WG. Again. The group has come up with a change procedure/process that I can support. There was confusion before about whether HTML WG members could issue formal objections, since supposedly we're part of the group making the original decisions. The new procedure, though, reserves us the right to submit a Formal Objection if all other avenues are blocked. I'm more comfortable being part of the group, now. I even have a first change proposal assignment, due after the book deadline.

Good news from the group: the HTML+RDFa document is now a published draft. However, the work on distributed extensibility is slow going. It's difficult to split off the technical concerns from the knee jerk reactions.

1 Aug 2009

I finally installed the Gregarius feed aggregator, even though it is no longer actively supported. I only need a web-based feed aggregator, and so far I've not been able to find a single one that is still actively being supported. Not a single one.

In fact, most of the feed related software seems to have been discontinued in Fall of 2008— just about the time when Twitter use exploded. I knew that Twitter was popular, but I hadn't realized what an adverse impact it is having on how we find, and read, information on the web.

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