Miss me?

I was thinking about doing a guessing game — but I like to talk too much for that 😉

I posted the original photo pf me and the US outline offline as too many photos really drag down the load of the pages. Needless to say, I’m accessing this from modem. I really hate it, too.

Photos in previous posting are from a major fire that’s hitting the area north of San Diego. On the way, I hit some of the winds that caused the fire and it was a difficult drive, made even better by the LA freeways. Among the debri in the road was a complete front fender of a car. No sign of the rest of the car. Beats hell out of me where it came from.

The fire’s smoke is so thick, it changed the color of the sunlight, which in turn, changed the color of the ocean to this burnt red color. I imagine that the Australian’s are familiar with this because of recent fires in that country, but this is first time I’ve seen smoke change the color of the ocean.

I was bad and drove where I wasn’t supposed to, to get these photos. But you only see something like this once. Only a few photos came out, but I hope I’ve captured the impact of the smoke.

Really tired tonight. Actually not feeling all that hot. Hanging in San Diego through tomorrow and then heading to the Navajo reservation.

Miss me?