Just Shelley

Tinker Tinker

New tagline, by mutual dare with Dorothea. What the hey? I’m now going by Burningzilla and I have a blazing toad for an icon. (No, that is NOT a Jersey torch!)

Now, if I can effect sweetness and light throughout all my interactions with others, my transformation into something totally unrecognizable as “Burningbird”, would be complete.

Though, after Dorothea’s new digs, I’m hankering for a new look. However, must finish book. Must finish RDF Book! Must! Must! Stop writing to the weblog, Shelley! Stop it now!

Oh, no! I can’t stop! I can’t help myse…


Please excuse the interruption. Shelley has been admitted to the Betty Ford clinic for Hopelessly Addicted Webloggers through the efforts of Mike Golby. Mike, recognizing an advanced case of blogaholism, scheduled an Intervention with all of Shelley’s weblogging friends, who quite gleefully and with unusual enthusiasm threw her down, wrapped her up tight, and hauled her off.


When last seen, Burningbird was trying to type into a keyboard with her nose and tongue, hands bound behind her back, being fed an occasional Tim Tam. Mocha Tim Tams.