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The Pend Oreille Loop

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Through an afternoon spent fighting torrential rains and aggressive truckers, I’m finally in my own comfy chair, computer on lap, and — wonders! — an internet connection. A week of not being connected, and my emails are still downloading. Hopefully I won’t accidentally delete anything important.

This last week I drove from Missouri to Illinois to Wisconsin to Minnesota to North Dakota to Montana and finally to Sandpoint Idaho, located on Pend Oreille (pronounced “ponderay”) lake, the Northwest’s largest lake. Sandpoint also happens to be my mother’s new home, the turn about point of my trip. Along the way I spent some time in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, home of the Bad Lands.

The trip out was lovely: uncrowded roads, great weather, terrific views, and friendly fellow travelers at breakfast in hotels/inns where I stayed.

On the return I went from Idaho to Montana to Wyoming to South Dakota to Iowa to Missouri. And hit storms almost the entire way except for the start of this day in South Dakota. Driving in the rain is fun; driving in storms with flooded roads and 60 MPH winds leaves a bit to be desired. Still, if one can specify no challenges, it wouldn’t be an adventure, would it?

I have a few stories to tell, nothing exciting. And I have a few photos to show, starting with these here. However, I have email to read, and other weblogs to catch up on. Not to mention the comments attached to the RDF posting (my, my, looks like lots of fun occurred there). Tomorrow.

Old Cabin in Field – North Dakota


Badlands 2


Castle Rock – Wisconsin

Castle Rock Path

Montana Cabin