Kudos to the Australian government

Jonathon just posted a note that the Australian government will cover the medical costs for Rick and the other victims of the Babli bombing. That’s exceptionally good news.

The Australian government has also said that it will depend on diplomacy to catch the Babli bombers. It will work with Indonesia rather than running in, guns blazing. By taking this action, by not letting the feelings of the moment carry it away, the Australian government has shown that it’s taking the long view to solving the problem, not the quick fix that only postpones the problems until another day.

We can learn from this.

In the meantime, Rick and his family will still face considerable costs for Rick’s treatment back in Canada, as well as costs associated with the family being with Rick now during this difficult time. Until a PayPal account is setup, please send donations to:



RDF Writing

Practical RDF Pull Back

I’ve decided to hold on posting any more chapters to the RDF book web site until I have a completed first draft. I found that I couldn’t manage the tech review comments and questions and the writing at the same time.

Normally I can multi-task, and this type of thing wouldn’t be a problem. However, I’m extremely stressed lately (what, you couldn’t tell?) and and I don’t have a lot of reserves.

I really like and appreciate RDF and I love writing — so why the hell am I having such a hard time putting the two together? Beats heck out of me.

Perhaps I should shove RDF into Babble Meadows, and then writing will flow rather than progress in such pained and halting steps. But if the programming languages kicked the shit out of XML, what would they do to RDF?