Imagine this is a door

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Imagine that this is a door for a moment. Do you have the picture in your mind? Your door might be all wood, or it might be a painted door – blue or green.

Perhaps its a metal door. With bars. If so, get help.

Now that you have this picture in your mind, I want you to visualize a sign on it, white paper, big black letters. The sign says:

Please do not disturb.

RDF Writing

Book review finished

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

The public book review period is over.

I wanted to thank all the people who were kind enough to provide comments and feedback about the book. I received more feedback than originally anticipated, overwhelmingly so at times. This does demonstrate the interest in the community.

This wasn’t an easy book to write, not the least of which is re-writing some sections more than once due to changes in the RDF specifications and technologies – moving targets at the best of times.

I hope that the book reflects the different views of RDF within the community, and is comprehensive, as well as living up to its title, “Practical RDF”. We will see.

Thank you again.