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Well, I guess I won’t be able to take off this week to San Francisco as originally planned. Seems this nice company here in St. Louis has decided that they can’t live without me and that I need to start right away. In fact, this week.

Yup, I finally got a job. Or I should say, I was offered a consulting assignment that should last at least three months, most likely more.

I’m taking a lesson from others, and am not going to be talking about my job in this weblog. All I will say is that the people I interviewed with today were terrific, the place is a very comfortable place to work, the job is perfect for me (technical architecture, trouble shooting, mentoring), the technology uses both my Windows AND my Unix background, the pay is great, and I get full medical and paid days off.

Best of all, as I looked around at the complex where I’ll be working, I realized that the tall building half a block away is where my roommate works, and we’ll be able to commute together.

Now, I ask you — can it get any better than that?

A flower for you my friends in celebration