Diet Cherry coke

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I splurged this weekend and purchased 20 rolls of film from B & H, a photo supply shop I’ve used for years. I think most people who are into photography in this country, and even internationally, are familiar with B & H. Not everyone cares for them, but I’ve always been happy with their products and services.

Anyway, back to my major investment. Of the 20 rolls, ten were Fuji Velvia, ISO 50, my favorite color slide film; ten were Kodak’s classic Tri-X Pan Black & White print film (ISO of 400). I recently experimented with the Tri-X and really liked the results: fast so it works in most daylight environments, and with enough graininess to add interest. Seems to be a most forgiving film, too.

What can I say? Sometimes I feel like color, sometimes I don’t. Depends on the mood I want to set. For instance, the following two photos are of the same subject – but what is the story behind each? What am I saying? Other than, don’t drink the water?

Don’t drink the water.


Don’t drink the water.

Of course, I hope they say something different. If they don’t then I haven’t done my job.

I’m causing trouble in this weblog instead of out there in the world on promised break because plans I made went awry, or I should say, have been postponed. The surgery for removing the gallbladder went very well, but I’m amazed at how much it’s tired me out and how much I’m having to adapt. I’m not used to this – I’m a quick healer, and am rarely kept down for long. However, I’ve been fighting problems with the little bugger for a couple of years, and I’m not going to be climbing hills immediately. Not just immediately.

Still, as I said a couple of days ago before I decided to test the burn and see if I flame or only smoke, I feel good. And I don’t itch.

I’m also in the process of finally getting around to selling my mineral collection. This week I’ve been taking photos of the different samples, posting them to a site dedicated to this effort, but I have over 100 samples – this isn’t going to be a quick job. I’ve been in contact with one dealer who is interested in the collection, but I can’t connect up with them until Thanksgiving. What I’ll most likely do is send the URL for the collection out to several rock magazines and dealers and see if I can find a nibble. If not, on to eBay we go, though eBay is not my preferred option.

Once the pictures are all taken, I’m going to add a story about my favorite pieces to the associated page. I want to make the collection come alive, show the care and thought that comes with each sample. I’ll post the link again when I’m finished. Even if rocks aren’t your thing, there are fun stories associated with the collection.

(Well, I think they’re fun. If you don’t, then I haven’t done my job.)

When I was getting ready to check out after surgery, the nurse told me to drink plenty of fluids, but good things like juice or water, or tea would be okay. By no means was I supposed to drink cola products like Coke or Pepsi.

What? No Diet Cherry Coke?

No, that stuff will eat your stomach up in your current state, she said.

Since then I’ve been scared to try one of my favorite drinks. Not until today, and I’m drinking a can of it right now as I write this. Another step in the recovery process – indulging in my favorite degreasing substance, Diet Cherry Coke. Recovery is not measured by the good things we do for our bodies when we still have fresh memories of hospital white and green and the fear of frailty, and worse, lies heavy on our minds. Getting better is marked by Bad Things, like tic marks on a measuring stick. Coffee, check. Steak, check. Diet Cherry Coke, check.

When the nurse was telling me what to start eating, she said start with broths and jello and progress to light soups and finally start eating normally in a couple of days. Under no circumstances was I to eat fast food for at least a week.

What, no White Castle hamburgers, I asked?

She looked at me in horror, she really did, and exclaimed that under no circumstances should I eat White Castle ever again!

Well, this one really wasn’t a problem for me because I’ve heard so many stories about White Castle hamburgers, good and bad. They really are a cult food here in the States, and I thought about trying them when a new restaurant opened just a couple of blocks away from us. However, when I found a taste alike recipe for them, and saw what it used, I’m afraid I’ve lost my interest in trying White Castle.

But I had a Toaster at Sonic Thursday. See, it’s the bad things that measure our wellness.