Lessons learned from radio

Recovered from the Wayback Machine

Before people run off into the wilds of technology with the newest and latest way to communicate, in this case podcasting, a few lessons to be learned from predecessors in the art.

When was the last time you read something that was written a year ago or longer. Recently? Did you quote online from it, or use it to make a point in something you were saying?

Okay then, when was the last time you listened to a radio broadcast that was over a year old?

Don’t be so eager to dump the written word – it works marvelously well, and comes one size fits all.


Photoshop CS

For an article I’m writing on Adobe’s new DNG format and converter, I downloaded and installed Photoshop CS on my Mac, and updated to the new RAW plug-in.

Oh my. I will never begrudge an upgrade to Photoshop ever again. I’d rather do without food than this upgrade, and have just placed an order to upgrade my Photoshop on my Mac.

Oh my, what it can do with RAW files.

Oh. My.