New travel plans

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Fall came today. I don’t need the calendar or even the cool weather to tell. When I start to cocoon, I know it’s Fall; when a hot shower feels really good, I know it’s Fall; when I get the urge to make an apple pie, I know it’s Fall; when I like to wear a flannel shirt and cuddle in my chair with all the lights on at 5pm, watching quirky new movies or old science fiction, I know it’s Fall–and it’s not the two margaritas I’ve had tonight talking.

Isn’t it odd how things work out. All the ifs and doubts about traveling leaving things uncertain, and it looks like I may be traveling after all. Monday I’ll find out if I need to head to Sandpoint, Idaho next week; it’s most likely. The trip is for a family matter, not a conference, but I can fake it: create a wiki, start using a lot of superlatives, and find three hundred white dweeby guys to invite. You know, the usual.

If I do go, I’ll be gone for at least a few weeks–perhaps longer. I’ll try to get a connection, and I may be able to get a DSL off my Mom’s Dish, but chances are it will be a modem. I’d do without, but I have existing, as well as new, work. Besides, how else will I post photos of Sandpoint if I don’t have a connection?

Sandpoint is a beautiful, rustic, western town, nestled in the mountains of Idaho, and having a world class ski resort. This time of year is when the town really starts hopping, so one could say that I’m one of the hip and beautiful people for being in Sandpoint in ski season; however, I’ll most likely be driving my Mom’s old Honda, wearing well worn clothes, and little or no jewelry or makeup. Of course, being environmentally sound is the new ‘cool’ thing now, so perhaps I can fake this, too.

Well, except that I’ve never been one of the beautiful people, and it takes one to know one. I’m a small town girl who has traveled around a lot but have never been able to knock the edges off. I’m well read, but not necessarily well lived. I’ve never once spent more than 80.00 for a pair of shoes, and these were for hiking boots that were on sale. I still get hurt by believing people–now that might be the two margaritas talking.

Taking a train, too, to Sandpoint; to sit for 36 hours and read or look out the window, as it flows from St. Louis to Chicago, through Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana, before arriving at Sandpoint. Long enough to be an adventure; not so long as to be tedious.

I hope to get some of the code I’m working on finished this weekend, first, so you can try it out as I’m traveling. As such, things may or may not break at times in these here parts (see, I’m already getting in a Western frame of mind). However, it’s the weekend, and weblogging goes into a slump that is only woken by photos of very cute little kittens; as such you most likely won’t notice.

I’ve also downloaded and tried the Flock Browser. Contrary to the *jaded pundits, I thought it was rather fun to play with. I’ve even posted to the Plugins weblog with it. But enough with fun–I have code to write; fueled by two margaritas, it might even do something I don’t expect. Like now, when I save this…

…update, and it worked out of the box. Damn, I’m good.

*Though I rather liked the Skype comment by Mark Evans