Please…do evil

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Book review of Tom Sawyer by Sandi W. Age 9:

When Tom met Huck Finn and became friends, it reminded me of when I met my friend Seu Mei. We became best friends for a few years. Between those few years, we met more friends. My favorite part in the book was when Tome tricked his friend. His friend had to paint the fence white and Tom got to rest. I read another book by the same author. It is called Huckleberry Finn. I enjoy reading these books because I like to solve the mysteries.

The main point of view of Google Base is that this is going after eBay and Craigslist, and online classifieds. I would say the target is Wikipedia, too. Is this a dangerous move? Depends. Ask yourself the question: at what point can you afford to lose Google and still do business?


Don’t mind me, just carry on as usual

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Different perspectives can cloud our perception of what each other is saying. For instance, Amtrak’s baggage rules state that I can take two “carry-on” bags, as well as a “personal” bag on to the train with me. I gnash my teeth and roll in ashes before putting on the sack cloth because of this limitation. I grouse and snit and snarl and point snide fingers at declining ridership and mumble about ‘not providing customer service’, because to me a carry-on is a back pack or a small overnight bag.

But then I actually stop to really look at the dimensions of what Amtrak considers to be a carry-on bag: 28 x 22 x 14 inches. I got out my ruler; my main suitcase is 28 x 21 x 11 inches. Oh. In other words, I can bring on the train what I originally planned on bringing on the train before I got caught up on Amtrak’s use of “carry-on”.



That sucking sound you hear

…is me getting into the new toys at Flickr. Now you can print, have a book made, stamps, or burn a DVD of your photos. This, now, is a very, very good business model–something extremely tangible AND something made with Web 2.0 technologies. I feel so with it and ubber cool. Or is that über, cool.

I’ve set the settings so that others can print any of the photos. Now you can have stamps made from Burningbird photos. You, too, can be über cool.

I am curious though how good the prints will be. I, of course, have to try this new technology. Being a geek. And all.