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A Globally Warmed Fall

One impact of global warming could be seen easily this week in the stands of trees around St. Louis. At Powder, most of the forest was badly hurt by the recent high temperatures, which ended up cutting short what should have been a colorful scene. The forest had few birds and the deer were gone as the natural pond had dried up–the first time I’ve seen that happen in six years. If we do get rain this week and these temperatures finally fall, we still might have a chance for the week following to have one good, last burst of color.

I was inspired by my outing to attempt to capture what is, in essence, a tangible view of global warming, but still produce interesting photos. I’m not sure if I’ve succeeded, you’ll have to be the judge (or not).

Once I reassured him that I rarely take pictures of people, he was quite friendly. His reaction did leave me deeply curious.

Global Warming Leaf A

global warming in New Hampshire

Global Warming Leaf One

global warming will hit Vermont hard

Global Warming Leaf Two

Global Warming Leaf Three

EPA Global Warming impacts: forests

Global Warming Leaf Four

impacts of climate change in the US

Poison Ivy makes a pretty leaf

Missouri Fall Color report

Dead Leaf



Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I think at times this medium skews attention to that which furthers acrimonious debate than anything truly useful or important. While we focus on how far we can take the Foley thing (including David Brooks equating Foley’s actions with a character from a play), gun shots are heard along the Korean border, and North Korea prepares for a nuclear bomb test. How to explain the lack of interest? It isn’t Google, it doesn’t sell, and one won’t get acclaim for such plain writing as, “this really scares me”, but this really scares me.