Anne 2.0 on Hybrid Ajax/Java/Flash applications

Anne writes today on the coming proliferation of applications combining Ajax and Flash, and where the direction may go:

What tools will be important, if hybrid Ajax + Flash + Java browser apps are the future? Perhaps toolkits and frameworks that shield developers from having to know multiple languages, object models, and browser quirks, for example, OpenLaszlo, the Google Web Toolkit, and Morfik. Abstracting the web development task like that, though, introduces its own problems.

I’ve never been a ‘framework’ person, preferring control over every aspect of my code. I’ve used frameworks, just never felt a level of comfort. To me for all the advantages of such toolkits, the disadvantage of increased bloat in code, inability to debug, and loss of fine control outweighs the benefits. Which means that I really do need to take a closer look at the tools, before I allow my natural bias to distance me from what could be handy technologies.

It’s going to be interesting to see where this goes. In particular, with the growing partnership between Mozilla and Adobe, we’ll definitely see an impact on Ajax.

I also want to extend congratulations to Anne on her new gig with Web Worker Daily.