Beautiful photos but less happy story

I also wanted to post a link to Mike Golby and his beautiful photos of South Africa. Unfortunately, these may be it for a while, as his car was stolen today.

Of the event he writes:

The snaps I’ve been able to catalogue over the past eight months have, frequently, felt like my documenting of the end of something. I’m not sure what; but that’s the way it’s felt to me. The end of a city’s innocence, the end of the democratic dream, the end of ‘sharing’?

I guess the latter says it best. The forced redistribution of wealth, where those ‘without’ are as much victims as those who ‘have’ in abundance, is not sharing. Theft is brutal, violent, and barbaric. And it reflects an abysmally ugly side to our society.

The ruthless, cunning, and mercilessly vicious way in which those who ‘have’ cling to obscene wealth reflects this horror as clearly.

It was my father’s car and it had great sentimental value. I do hope his spirit drives the bastards who pinched it into a tree, but I hope so in a detached way — having no knowledge who these assholes are. Were they to return it, I’d probably thank them and carry on as normal.