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Tis the season

I thought that now would be a good time to recommend two legal weblogs associated with consumer law, credit, and bankruptcy:

Consumer Law & Policy Blog

Credit Slips

We focus so much on DRM and copyright in weblogs that we forget that consumer law probably has far more impact on us, and far less public exposure.

Another related weblog is Ross’ Arbitration Blog, which covers the growing proliferation of mandatory arbitration clauses, and lack of accountability in the arbitration process. In particular he points to a LA Times article on arbitration that discusses some of the concerns associated with the increasing use of arbitration for any non-criminal court activity. (Sorry, free registration required for this article.)

A more pungent discussion on the current state of arbitration can be found in the article: Arbitration and the Godless Bloodsuckers, by a former state supreme justice of West Virginia. Richard Neely really lets loose with both barrels. PDF of actual article and be forewarned, it’s a large document.