With sadness

This has been a week of sad good-byes.

Danny Ayers and Dan Connolly both write on an incredibly tragic event. Last weekend, while Chimezie and Roschelle Ogbuji were having a rare night out, a baseboard heater caught fire in the basement. Though the babysitters were able to escape, the Ogbuji’s three little girls–Imose Esosa Ikpia, Chikaora Credell Zion, and Anyachiemeka Chibuzo Anastar–weren’t so fortunate. The oldest was 6, the youngest just a baby. Three beautiful little girls.

This last weekend, Marc Orchant passed away from his heart attack earlier in the week. He was only 50, and leaves behind a wife and two kids, and friends and co-workers who will miss him, as well as a community who respected him deeply.

Then tonight, Bill Humphries posts another sad note: Anita Rowland passed away today, losing her fight with cancer. Anita has been around for so long, it’s difficult to think of her gone. Anita left behind a beloved husband, Jack William Bell, family, and too many friends to count–both online and off. Jack has created a memorial page, for leaving comments, writing If you knew Anita or she touched your life in some way — something that applies to many, many people — please leave a comment with some memory of her here.

Frank reminds us of an interview he did with Anita, five years ago. Thank you, Frank, for capturing her voice.

My deepest sympathy to all of the families and friends.

Hug someone you love. Reach out to a friend.


Sensor cleaning warning on D300, Canon

I don’t have a D300 on my wishlist, as I don’t fully utilize my D200. I’m also thinking of trying Canon for my next major camera purchase.

Regardless of whether you use D300 or Canon, Earthbound Light provides a warning about the type of sensor cleaning fluid you use. I gather the D300 has a ‘sensor shake’ option, but it won’t handle the dust that fuses to your sensor–pesky stuff.

However, the regular Eclipse fluid won’t work on the sensor coating used in newer cameras–including the D300, my D200, the Canons, and others–and we should be using the Eclipse E2 cleaning solution. Since E2 works on all sensors, it makes little sense to buy the original fluid.