HTML5 Specs

HTML5: end of one chapter, start of another

I had planned on providing more edits to my change proposals, but doing so is only throwing good time away on a hopeless cause. I can’t even get the HTML5 co-chairs to realize that by allowing those who proposed a counter-proposal to group all of the items in only one response, they’ve made individual discussion on each change proposal, impossible.

I also can’t discuss most things on the list without being told to take it off-list. I feel as if the co-chairs are continuously taking me to the wood shed—it’s been, frankly, a humiliating experience.

I have no recourse but to quit the group. Evidently, the W3C does not find me a useful participant.

I’m not done with HTML5, but I am done with the HTML WG. I think HTML5 has significant problems, and I think the way the specification is currently written is going to cause a lot of confusion and problems in the future. But if I write on HTML5 going forward, it’s as a “citizen”, and not part of a group that says it wants to hear responses from the web community at large, but in actuality, just wants to rubber stamp what some of the browser companies want.