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Evidently the Senate will be debating SB 113 tomorrow, too. At least, that’s the impression I have from MissouriNet.

So, evidently the idea is to move on the bills quickly, one way or another.

second update

HB 131 should be up for debate on the House Floor tomorrow, at 10am. You can listen to the debate by accessing the General Assembly web page, and look for the Live House Debate icon.


Missed this entirely, but HB 131 is up for perfection on the House floor today.

I need to finish my deconstruction of HB 131 and SB 113, as well as address some of the new criticism of Proposition B/Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, but I’m just tired of the battle this week.

However, I’m not as tired, or as sick or injured or miserable, as the dogs in too many of the large scale commercial dog breeders, so once more unto the breach, Dear Friends.

SB 113 is still on the informal calendar for perfection, but now that so many of the other contentious issues have had their painful airings this week, I expect movement on SB 113 next week. In addition, HB 131 has now been passed out of the Rules committee, so expect that one to hit the House floor, probably next week.

Now is the time to make a lot of noise—contact your representatives, contact other representatives, especially those from the Yes on Proposition B districts. Remind the representatives to respect the voters, rather than give into special interests.