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Governor Nixon followed the money

KSDK has a story today on Governor Nixon proposing a budget extension of 1.1 million in funding for the Department of Agriculture. This amount should be enough to ensure there is sufficient personnel to fully regulate the dog breeding industry.

The proposed budget amendment would apply whether SB 113 passes, or Proposition B is left alone.

It’s the first time someone in the Missouri government has come out and stated, truthfully, that SB 113 does not provide sufficient money for enforcement. The amount looks to be enough to really ramp the department up to a desperately needed level of personnel—not like the faux funding in SB 113.

I hope that some of the money is used to put better systems put in place that allow for greater accountability. I’m quite alarmed at how difficult it is to access inspection reports, or even the data behind the Bark Alert page’s numbers. Receiving responses from the Department of Agriculture that the material we need is archived and will be difficult to access is no longer acceptable in the year 2011.

Regardless, this is a good move. It’s an honest move, with honest numbers. Now, let’s get rid of SB 113 and then we can finally get rid of that damn title of Puppy Mill Capital of the US.