Puppy Millers to Receive State funds under new MDA Rules

The Missouri Department of Agriculture has finalized the rules based on the passage of SB 161.1. They managed to go through thousands of written comments and finalize the rules in a week’s time. Must be a record.

The rules actually listed at the MDA are still the old rules. I have no idea when the Department is actually going to post the new ones. I would have expected a link with the news release.

In the meantime, as far as we know, shelters are still being charged the same fee as commercial breeders. This on top of the fact that the State is providing funding for the professional breeders to make whatever meager changes are necessary to meet the new rules.

We are mindful that these important changes prescribed by statute and rule require a significant commitment from our licensed, professional breeders,” said Dr. Hagler. “With that in mind, we have developed a plan to make financial resources available to professional breeders as we move forward to keep the breeding industry vibrant and strong. Moreover, in conjunction with the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association we are appointing a panel of veterinarians who serve our professional breeders to monitor the current changes and make future recommendations to enhance animal care.”

Let’s see if I have this correct: shelters and rescues that are taking care of the state and community unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats are being charged extra, while puppy millers who are adding to the problem are being given state tax payer money. And we’re doing this so that we can continue to be the puppy mill capital of the US.

OK, I see how this all works.