Learning Node: Raw

Evidently, O’Reilly is going to publish my Learning Node book as a Rough Cuts/Early Release.

What people should know is that the material has not gone through a final edit, a copy edit, or a tech review. So yes, there will be typos, gotchas, and oopsies. Probably lots and lots of oopsies. But the advantage to getting a Rough Cut is you get the work early, but still get the finished product when it’s complete.

I decided not to have an Appendix with all the links. This kind of material doesn’t really suit a book; it’s more appropriate for a web page. I’m in the process of converting this rich material into an online source page, which I’ll post at Tech at Burningbird when finished.

I’ll also publish a “lessons learned” from the book. Bottom line, though, is that I like Node. I think it really fills a need. What I love most about Node are child processes. I had a lot of fun with these during the book’s development. I’m definitely fond of child processes—that, and how easy it is to install and incorporate modules. The whole infrastructure just cuts through so much server-side cruft. I don’t like server-side cruft. There’s a reason I’m not a C or C++ developer.

I’ve also become a real fan girl of Redis. We have needed a Redis for years. I’m also more amenable to web sockets now, especially since the security issues have been addressed.