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Several new filings in Front Range Equine Rescue et al vs. USDA horse slaughter inspection case


One of the new plaintiffs in the case, listed in the amended complaint, is The Foundation to Protect New Mexico’s Wildlife. It was formed by former governor Bill Richardson and Robert Redford.

Well, now, this might generate some evening news coverage.

There has been a flurry of filings in the Front Range Equine Rescue et al vs. USDA court case. Most of the filings have been from those seeking to intervene in the case, including the state of New Mexico (for the plaintiffs) and the Confederated Yakima Tribes (for the defendants). Other companies wanting to open horse slaughter plants have also sought to intervene, and the list of plaintiffs has grown, considerably.

The plaintiffs filed an amended complaint, and the USDA has filed an opposition to the preliminary injunction.

Relevant documents have been uploaded for your access.