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Emergency motion to stop horse slaughter in Missouri

We have confirmation that Rains Natural Meats was attempting to start up horse slaughter operations on Monday.

Bruce Wagman just filed an emergency motion to ensure that Rains Natural Meats is included in the Temporary Restraining Order issued by Judge Armijo. It’s unfortunate that the TRO isn’t against the USDA rather than the USDA in context with all these companies. The action really is against the USDA.

If you look at theĀ attachment for the motion, you can see that Rains was demanding inspectors by the 23rd, and planned to start operation as soon as possible. He actually wanted inspectors today.

You can directly access the court documents forĀ Front Range Equine Rescue et al v. Vilsack et al. The emergency motion is docket number 156. Judge Armijo has asked the defendant for an expedited response to the emergency motion by Friday at noon. In addition, there’s a Monday, September 23, hearing on the Missouri case that’s currently prohibiting the Missouri DNR from issuing wastewater discharge permits to Rains Natural Meats. In my previous writing I outlined how Rains was going to attempt to get around this order.

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