The crap and cute day

My plan to post on Friday what I’m going to be writing about in the coming days has gone to the same place all plans go in the end…into the silent void where we hope no one remembers what we promised.

But I do think Fridays deserve something special. After all, for most people, it’s the end of the work week. Friday is a day we associate with drinks with friends, excitement about weekend plans, and relief that you don’t have to get up at 5AM to commute to work tomorrow.

Friday is also the day when most of us post something cute. It’s the funny video and photo day. The cute story day. It’s a day to decompress from the serious stories we’ve been subjected to all week, and to take a moment to realize that Hey! Life’s rough…here’s a cute bat video.

I think that Friday should also be the day when we read the “crap” stories. Stories like a South Carolina state senator deciding to ruin a little girl’s wish to make the wooly mammoth the state fossil (you’ll be glad to know, said legislator’s bill was rejected in the SC House). Or the story about the growing range war in Nevada between a rancher who seems to believe he has rights to do whatever he wants on federal land, and the Bureau of Land Management, who disagrees.

(I especially love the videos from this story—filled with protesters screaming “This is America!” all the while yelling at the BLM for administrating American law.)

Then there’s Heartbleed, which, fortunately, already comes with its own cute (and informative) graphic.

XKCD explains Heartbleed

By saving both the Cute and the Crap for the same day, we can intersperse the one into the other—read a crappy story, watch a cute video, read the crap, watch or look at the cute. It all balances in the end, and then we can go out for drinks.

Oh, and here’s owls.