Just Shelley

Sewer problems

Long time buddies know about the issues we’ve had with the sewer connection.

We’re connected to the head of a gravity main. Unfortunately, the town next door has a force main that dumps into the gravity main at the same spot. Our lateral sewer connection is sufficient but shallow, especially when the force main pumps into the gravity main.

When we get rain, we can’t flush because the force main discharge backs up into our plumbing.

When we replaced a shower a while back, the plumbers didn’t know about this, and when they cut the connection, we got discharge all over the basement walls. Luckily, insurance covered that.

The Water District 2 folks have been in the process of moving their force main to another discharge location, a much larger and more capable gravity main. This has been in the works for six whole damn years.

But they keep running into bad construction companies, and the town that has the new gravity main keeps pushing the project back. Not until November of 2019 now.

Last night it rained. Not an especially large amount of rain. But when the force main hit today, it actually shook the house, backed up into one shower, and blew out the wax seal on one of the toilets.

That we’re not happy is a given. I think it’s time for me to get a lawyer.