Just Shelley

We came. We saw.

We came, we saw houses.

Jessica Drive was an amazing lot. We loved it. But the house had a lot wrong with it—far more than we wanted to deal with.

The home we’re thinking of making an offer for is linked to this posting. The owners obviously loved the home, and took exceptional care of it.

It is well, and septic tank, but both eventually will end up being public sewer and water. It’s close enough to the city proper.

The big gotcha? It has an encroachment. The home was built on land previously owned by the house next door. They didn’t do a proper survey and the previous owner’s shed does cross the property line.
Now, this can be handled by giving them an easement, on the understanding we would still own the property. But we don’t know how much the shed encroaches. And we don’t know if the loan company will have a cow.

But the house really has been lovingly maintained.

And we saw a big ass turtle cross the yard.

home with blue siding and nice yard we almost bought in Brunswick