Social Media

Twitter is about to be Musked

The Musk buyout of Twitter is all but done, and even before the blo…ink dried on the contracts, the scent of Musk permeates the social service.

According to the Verge:

Musk has a deadline to close the purchase of Twitter by October 28th. In a sign the deal is proceeding, Twitter froze its employees’ equity awards, Bloomberg reported. Anonymous sources tell The Post that the deal is moving forward in good faith.

Among bright boy’s planned changes? Mass layoffs of over 7500 of what he considers ‘low performing’ employees. This means we can kiss content moderation good-bye. Which means we’ll be inundated with spam, scams, misinformation, and most likely, Trump.

Twitter has always been my favorite social media site. It’s the best source not only for breaking news, but also the more obscure but in-depth news pieces that don’t always float to the top in our attention-grabbing spaces.

I’ve also enjoyed the brilliance of the writing. Anyone can write 10,000 words and eventually make a point—lord knows, I’ve tried—but it takes mad skills to do so in 140280 characters.

Then there’s the people. There are folks with a few followers, folks with millions, but regardless, they have something to say and we want to hear it. Twitter is good at this.

The old Twitter. Not the newly Musked Twitter.

No, the Musked Twitter will be monetized to a degree that will take our breath away (or smother us, whichever comes first). Every bad actor kicked off of the site will be welcomed back, starting with the worst of the worst, Trump. Forget trying to stop the spread of misinformation—if the lies mean profit, the more lies the merrier.

What’s scarier is the fact that the news media trolls Twitter looking for the stories it should cover. Twitter has already had a bad impact on news coverage—I hate to think how much worse it can get with Musk and his ego in charge. Probably All Trump, All the Time. Excuse me, make that All Musk, Trump part of the Time.

My days as one of the birds of Twitter are numbered.