Burningbird Technology

Space? What space?

I was playing around with my server earlier, trying out some fun and interesting sounding new techie toys. Unfortunately, the new techie toys required ImageMagick.

Those of you with a Unix background are probably going “Oh, No!” about now. I knew I was pushing the bubble with this one, but you only live once.

Damn the server! Full install ahead!

— —- — —

Anyway, we’re almost back to normal. I’ve managed to save the server, and was able to repair the Apache installation. It was also nice hearing from the system kernel, all those “panic!” emails.

If you tried to post comments earlier during some interesting moments of turmoil and they aren’t showing up — Sorry! If you have a minute and wouldn’t mind reposting, I would be grateful!

The great thing about Unix servers is that you can do anything. The bad thing about Unix servers is that you can do anything.


Back to old colors…sort of

I know that some of you liked the newer, lighter colors and these probably are more professional, but what can I say — I was born to be tacky.

However, I have kept the background behind the writing white or very light to help with reading.