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Feld Entertainment Circus Elephants Finally Find a Home

The Feld Entertainment/Ringling Brothers elephants I had written about in the past have finally found a good and loving home in a sanctuary in northern Florida.

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The Rule of Small Deer

There were three deer on the path in front of me. They didn’t run when they saw me. They just stood there staring at me. Finally, as one, they moved: one pawed the ground, one began eating the leaves from a small bush, the third started walking towards me. Deer are supposed to run from […]

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No Worries

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Deception and the House SAVES Act

The House Committee on Natural Resources will debate five bills related to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) on Wednesday. Though these bills are couched in reasonable sounding phrases and catchy acronyms, promising to make the Endangered Species Act better, make no mistake: these bills are an attack on the ESA. The bill known as the […]

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USDA APHIS Inspection Reports posted online

The Memory Hole just posted links to thousands of inspection reports. They’re research facility inspections for 2000 through 2007. Trump and his minions just don’t understand the way the internet works. If they build a wall, we’ll put a hole into it. Guaranteed. When I get any new info from the FOIA request or HSUS’s […]