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I arrived in St. Louis last night at dusk to be met with an apartment building surrounded by fireflies. That’s something you won’t see in San Francisco, and most other places that don’t have higher humidity.

One can suffer higher temperature and humidity for a nightly show of fireflies.

Still tired from trip today, though the drive yesterday was pleasant – just too long. Tried to get my DSL setup this afternoon only to find that Earthlink has a major DSL failure in the area. Perhaps the thunderstorm earlier in the day.

All I’ve wanted to do today is sleep, and since I can’t post and sleep at the same time, guess I’ll keep this post short. Tomorrow hopefully both the DSL and I will be charged up and ready to go.



Ha! Shannon and I have a co-fearer of spiders. Kath details her terror at an encounter with a monster spider in Florida.

My favorite generator of terror? The Tegenaria gigantea. Don’t let its harmless common name of House Spider fool you — this arachnid can reach sizes of 18mm for the male. And if you live in the UK, yup it’s the same spider.

Yes, I know that these spiders control pests, are shy, don’t harm people, don’t bite, don’t sting, don’t make noise, and don’t poop on the carpet. Doesn’t matter. Put one in the same room with me, and I’ll pass out after first shattering your ear drums with my screams.


Update I did a little more research and found this article on spiders in Seattle. It is the giant house spider that can get up to four inches. And I also found out that all spiders do bite and all are venemous, but most spider bites have no impact on humans. And the harmful spider in Seattle is the Hobo spider, not the Brown Recluse. Sorry, I get my spiders mixed up.

BTW — do I redeem myself in all of your eyes by telling you that I like snakes and lizards, and once owned an Iguana named Heratio, and a Chameleon named Godzilla?