RDF Semantics

The elephant strikes again

Danny Ayers and Bill de hÓra got into a bit of back and forth on RDF and Bill’s response reminded me again of the blind wise men and the elephant. Each person describes a different creature when asked to describe the whole from just the part they touched: one touching the leg assumes the creature is a large, stumpy […]


The Bottoms Up RDF Tutorial

Recovered from the Wayback Machine. When I wrote the first chapter of the book, Practical RDF I used the analogy of the blind men describing an elephant to describe how people see RDF. With the original fable, each blind man would feel a different part of the elephant and make a decision about what the elephant looked […]


XML Introduction

Originally published in NetscapeWorld, sometime in 1997. Note, the examples in this article only work with IE 4.x, and have only been tested with IE 4.01 on Windows95 and Windows NT. Netscape does not have XML parsing built into Navigator 4.x at this time, something that will probably change with Navigator 5.0. The concept is simple: […]