Just Shelley

Bookbinding and Disappointment

I had a call tonight. All the person said on the line was, ‘You are nothing’, and then hung up. Odd sort of call for a crank. It came when I was in the middle of cutting more paper for another one of the books I’m making. Each of these books is a gift for […]

Critters Photography

Sucking clay and beaver tracks

Recovered from the Wayback Machine. I went for what was a three mile hike yesterday and ended up going six miles, primarily because I followed an animal track rather than the trail meant for humans. In the Spring here in Missouri when the marsh grasses are fresh and tall, and haven’t been beaten down by […]


Area 44

Today was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, and I headed to Area 44 to see if the dogwood were in bloom yet. Found plenty of blooms, but no dogwood. I won’t go to Area 44 in the summer because the ticks are so thick there, but I wanted to catch the dogwoods this year. […]

Photography Places

Funky Towns: Nashville, Indiana

Yesterday I took a much needed drive into the country, stopping at Nashville, Indiana along the way. Nashville is one of my favorite places, and I wanted to get some photos for an article proposal I’m working about funky towns. What does a town need to be a genuine funky town? Old, old buildings lovingly […]

People Writing

Me and Emily: Sweet Whispers of the Betrayer

Did Emily Dickinson mind that only eleven of her works were published during her lifetime? From her letters, one would assume that she didn’t because she talked about family and friends and seemed content. For all the talk about her being reclusive, she did have the close proximity of her beloved brother and sister all […]