15 Nov 2014

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I signed up for healthcare coverage for 2015 at Unlike last year, absolutely no problems with the system. The only hiccup occurred with United Healthcare when I tried to review its provider network—that system seems to be unable to stand the load. The government site, though, was a piece of cake.

I was able to get a plan that was about a third of what I paid this year. It's more of a managed plan where I have to use a set of providers, but I'm OK with the providers. I stayed with Coventry because they provided good coverage this year, and they seem to be the only provider who has its online act together.

Only one problem with this year's sign up, and it's bureaucratic not system specific: proving income.

To be eligible, I have to mail (hard copy), or upload proof of income for 2015. I have to send in one of the following:

23 Mar 2014

How can you tell if armor is any good? You field test it. You shoot stuff at it. You shoot a lot of stuff at it.

Think Progress created a one page timeline of GOP attacks on the Affordable Care Act. After looking at the extraordinary degree the GOP went to undermine and/or kill the ACA, I came away with a feeling that this thing must be pretty good—look at how it survived all these attacks.

What's a bit sad about the timeline is knowing that the GOP has spent most of its time the last several years either trying to prevent people like me from having access to affordable health care, or ensuring that women have little or no control over their bodies—or both. Seriously, GOP, my god, don't you have anything else to do?!

25 Oct 2013

I promised you wouldn't write about the Healthcare Exchange...but I lied.

Today, I am officially enrolled in an affordable healthcare plan via the federal Healthcare Exchange.

Though the GOP has worked tirelessly to ensure I not get this far, I persevered and made it. Though I realize the GOP is still doing everything in its power to ensure I don't have healthcare coverage come this January, at this moment, I am covered. I have what every Republican Congressional member has, but doesn't want me to have: healthcare coverage.

I will be able to go to the doctor when I'm sick. I will be able to get the medical care I need in order to survive. And I won't be filing for bankruptcy if I do get sick.

My statement to the GOP on Twitter was heartfelt but a little severe.

23 Oct 2013

When last we left our intrepid developer/reporter, she still hadn't completed the application process for getting healthcare coverage.

I still can't sign on, but the nice guy I talked to on the phone said that my application is in progress, so I'll check back in November.

In the meantime, I am a bit concerned hearing politicians talking about bringing in tech people, because to me, this means bringing in the Bill Gates of the world, rather than the foot soldiers who actually work on software day in and out for a living.

However, anything is better than the GOP's plan on bringing in McAfee. I'd join the pundits in listing all the reasons why this is horribly wrong, but really all I have to say is: McAfee? Seriously?

4 Oct 2013


Yesterday, I was able to upload my identification. Now, some human somewhere will have to concur that it indeed verifies I am me.

In the meantime, USA Today has posted a story with tech details about the fixes being done on the system this weekend. It interviews the "top technology expert" behind the system, who managed to use the word "geekalicious".

I was especially surprised when reading the following:


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