3 Dec 2015

I said a few years back that when Node.js released version 1.0, I'd issue an update for my book, Learning Node. Little did I know that waiting for Node.js 1.0 was like waiting for Godot, but in JavaScript.

I did try to do an update on the first edition of Learning Node earlier this year, but the changes were just too significant. So many of the modules I covered are no longer supported, Express 4.0 happened, and then there's that Node.js/io.js thing, and skipping version 1, altogether. The first edition of Learning Node just can't be updated, in place. The only solution was a new edition. It's also a good time to do a new edition: there's more stability in the development of Node.js, and less personal ownership.

14 Feb 2014


I disabled the Ghost weblog because I don't want to maintain two different weblogging software applications, and Drupal is my primary weblogging software.

The configuration listed here was sound and reliable for well over six months.


Recently I installed Ghost on my server. Ghost is a Node.js weblogging tool that you can host yourself or have another organization host for you.

It's not a complicated application to install. There's even a How to Install Ghost web site, with handy instructions for installing Ghost in various environments.

Take my environment, which is Ubuntu Linux hosted on a Linode VPS. You could order a brand new VPS, but chances are your server is already set up, and you're just looking to install Ghost.

13 Jun 2012

Just finished the final tech review of my Learning Node book. At 400 pages, it's a big book. I must admit to being more than a little tired. Right now, I feel I could sleep for a week.

The big announcement in Node land is that unstable 0.7.x is being moved to stable 0.8.x next week. As a final act for my book, I put all the examples through a 0.7.10 tests. The results were better than I expected, not as good as I hoped.

I hit a couple of minor deprecation issues. For instance, path.exists has been deprecated in favor of fs.exists. I used the exit event with one child process application, and I needed to convert it to the new close event. This new event not only waits for the process to end, but all stdio pipes are closed.

6 Jun 2012

Learning Node will be my last book for O'Reilly, at least for the foreseeable future.

Learning Node was a particularly exhausting book. Not only is there much to cover in one book, Node is a very dynamic technology. I like to think my coverage is both comprehensive and solid, but I guess we'll see how the book does when it hits the streets.

In the next year, I'm going to enter the ranks of the self-published. I'm also focusing less on technology, and more on other areas of interest. What these areas are will become evident over the next several months.

3 Jun 2012

During my explorations of Node.js, I came across many excellent resources, references, tutorials, and various other online publications related to the technology. I had planned on incorporating this material into an appendix for Learning Node but decided it would make a better online resource than a book chapter.

Every person interested in Node should start with the Node.js web site, as well as the web site for npm, the application that manages Node module installations:


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